FNA Cytology in the Diagnosis of Lymphoma

Reviewed by:


Lambert Skoog and Edneia Tani
Karger (2009)
ISBN 978-3-8055-8626-9
78 pages
RRP: $US132.00

This is volume 18 in the Monographs in Clinical Cytology series. The book covers the changing role of cytology and fine needle aspiration in the management of lymphoma.

Cytological developments, particularly in immunohistochemistry and flow cytometry, have revolutionised the diagnosis and classification of lymphoma. As cytopathological techniques have become more sophisticated there is less emphasis on the archetypal features of lymphoma. This has important implications for those involved in diagnosis of lymphoma, particularly in relation to lymph node biopsy.

The book comprises 77 pages and is divided into three sections. The first two chapters deal with the technical and methodological issues, the next seven focus on cytological features of sub-types of lymphoma and the final chapter deals with lymphoma ‘look alike’ lesions such as Merkel cell carcinoma, desmoplastic round cell tumour and childhood tumours.

Each of the chapters is concise and beautifully illustrated with colour plates. The chapters are well written and provide good clinical correlation, cytological features and differential diagnoses.

While clearly aimed at (cyto)pathologists, this book is also a good reference for any clinician involved in the management of patients with lymphoma.

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