Dx/Rx: Colorectal Cancer

Reviewed by:


KD Holen & KY Chung
Jones and Bartlett Publishers (2008)
ISBN-13: 9780763747442
81 pages
RRP: $60.00

1F-C8-6E-CA-46-F5-19-BA-D4-AF-1C-EF-C2-B5-1F-CAThis book is aimed at a wide audience and would be useful for any clinician working with colorectal patients such as generalist nurses, stomal therapy nurses and junior medical staff. It provides up-to-date information about the diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer.

The format provides a comprehensive, yet succinct overview of the diagnosis and management of colon and rectal cancers. The use of bullet points allows for quick access to fundamental and practical management issues for patient treatment.

Throughout the book, tables and figures summarise important clinical data and current professional society recommendations. References at the end of each chapter provide a source of additional information.

One of the limitations of this book is that there is no mention of a multidisciplinary approach to care. However, the highlight is that it is a handy, pocket-sized reference manual that would be useful in ward or clinic, providing instant access to current information.

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